Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things I Love

There are things that Jubal does that I want to write down to ensure I never forget them. He does so many new things every day lately and it's all happening so quickly.

One of the things that is so sweet to me is that every night when I'm rocking him to sleep, he points out my nose, my mouth, my eyes, my ears , and my hair. I love the way he says these things when pointing them out, especially how he say "nose". He makes his little mouth into such a big, perfect "O" shape when he says it & it's adorable. If he wakes up before we do, he wakes us up by putting his little finger on our face & pointing to some feature and naming it. So sweet!

He has went through phases of which programs on TV he likes the most. He's always liked The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and dancing to the Hotdog Song. When he was younger his favorite was The Wonder Pets. Then it became more of The Backyardigans. Then Dora & Diego. Now it's definitely Blues Clues. He has started really interacting with it, too. No matter what he is doing when the mailbox tune comes on, he stops and runs into the center of our living room and starts yelling "mail". It's a big deal to him & we clap every time he does it. :)

He seriously loves his cousin, Alannah. Every time we go to my mama's house he goes through her house calling out "Laney", looking in each room for her. Right now she is his best friend.

These are just a few things that I wanted to jot down somewhere for my memory's sake. I'll always have these things in my heart, but I know over time my memories will fade. It will be nice to look back through this blog and remember things that have not crossed my mind in awhile. After all, that's why I'm keeping this blog. :)


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