Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2 1/2 Years

Jubal had his 2 1/2 year well check on the 21st & he's perfect. ;)
He still weighs in at 27 lbs. and has only grown an inch since his 2 year checkup.
He's now up to 35 inches tall.  Yet to make it to 3 feet.  HA!
That's my boy!  Just like his daddy. :)
Jubal & Jaydira, his friend at daycare.

Jubal is saying and doing so many new things. 
It's amazing watching my firstborn grow.
I'm experiencing all these new things with him.
He says so much, talking in complete sentences.

He knows his full name.  He knows mine & his daddy's first names & where we work.
He knows the name of the town he lives in and the name of
the town Larson & I work in.
I just think that's good information to have, even at his young age.

He knows all colors, most shapes, ABC's, can count to 20, and can even
count to 10 in Spanish, thanks to Dora. ;)

He's still not "there" with his potty training. 
He does good sometimes with #1, but has yet to go #2 on the potty.

His favorite shows are UmiZoomi, Dora, Diego, Blue's Clues,
Max & Ruby, Jessie, and Good Luck Charlie.

He loves to play & dance. 
He is full of laughter. 
He's tender-hearted, yet as fiesty as they come.
He is his mother's son. ;)

Gosh, I love him so much!

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