Saturday, January 19, 2013


I want to post a few pictures of little things that have been going on in our world lately. It's really just random pics from my phone, but it's good memories for me. :)

My sweet boys. 
The bottom picture looks like Jubal is about to choke Gentry out. HA!

Me and my Jubal, fresh out of the shower, getting settled down for the night.

Jubal is potty training and is doing fairly well with going #1.  He has his own potty chair in his bathroom and has been taught to stand up to pee pee, but this particular night, we were getting ready to get a bath and he had to go #1 but didn't have a stool in our bathroom so he climbed up on the toilet like this instead. 
So funny!

Jubal loves his Legos. 
Every time he builds something, no matter how big or small,
he wants us to take a picture. 
How cute!

Lastly, this his Jubal & his little "girlfriend", Abbey, at school. 
He calls her Babby and she calls him Bubba. 
So sweet!


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