Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Memorial Day~2016

Larson had to work on Memorial Day, so the boys & I enjoyed the day together. We slept late, went to McDonalds for breakfast, the dollar store for a toy, and rode around on the golf cart for most of the day.

As we were riding along one of our dirt roads, Jubal saw a blackberry bush and asked to stop to pick some. He & Gentry picked just enough for me to bake them a small cobbler, so we went home to rest for a bit while I threw the ingredients together, and waited for it to bake.

We enjoyed some cobbler, then went right back outside to soak up the sunshine some more.  After Larson got home that evening, we rode out to Lynne's house to give her the edible cake topper for Mr. Gentry's cake she is making for him for his party this coming Sunday.  He's so excited for his big day. :)

Once we all had baths, we went out on the back deck to let the boys have some fun with the sparklers Gentry had picked out earlier from the dollar store.  The boys enjoyed playing outside after dark, and I had a great day spending it with them.

Gentry wasn't mad, I just caught him off guard.

Jubal didn't put any underwear on after his bath so I had to bleep a little something out.

We are thankful for every one that gave their life for our freedom.  We may not know them all, but we owe them all.  May all the lives lost rest in peace.


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