Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Wow! Where do I even begin?

Look closely.  Do you see the little heart in his eye?

I wasn't sure I would ever have a baby, much less TWO babies.  Gentry was my surprise.  He sneaked in on us, and came in like a lion.  He weighed 9 lbs. 7 ozs., and was 20 1/2 inches long.  Believe it or not, he was early!!

I'm so thankful for this boy.  He has been a light in my life.  He is so incredibly kind & sweet.  He loves BIG!  That heart shining in his eye when they snapped that ultrasound picture above let me know he was going to be full of love.  He is, and so much more.

Today is his birthday.

What a great day! :)


We celebrated his birthday this past Sunday with his friends.  I wish his besties Stone & Greyson could have made it, but he had a great time with the kids that were able to attend.  He didn't ask for a thing for his birthday, except a "cool" party with balloons & a pinata.

That is exactly what he got.  It was a good, good day.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

He picked his own cake theme.
Lynne Todd made this delicious, whipped cream cheese icing cake for him.
So yummy, y'all!!!

They played on the water slide.
John even got out there & played with them.
It was so hot that all the parents were thinking about it. Ha!

They enjoyed jumping on the trampoline.

The "grownups" stayed under the shelter out of the scorching sun.

I love this picture of Tiffany & Jubal.

Some kiddos enjoyed the swing.

Jubal enjoyed basketball with Dustin.

Olivia enjoyed staying in the water.

Walker, Gentry, Hadley, & Zakari had lunch on the trampoline.

Jubal & Olivia ate their hot dogs & chips on the golf cart.

After lunch, it was time for cake.

My favorite picture of the day. :)

Good job, baby!! 
I hope your wishes come true.

Next up was presents.

Just keep digging...
(Hummed to the tune of Dory's "Just keep swimming" in Finding Nemo.)

Diving in head first.
Poor little Walker wanted to help open gifts.

Funny story.
This gift came out of the bag in the picture below.
All Darla had was a Budweiser bag to use as a gift bag.

We made him take a pic with the bag just for giggles.

Last, but not least, was the pinata.
It started pouring down rain right about this time so we were rushed.
Everyone was tired & ready to get home out of the storm.

Notice the "blindfold".
It's a pair of Hadley's shorts.
Hey! It worked! ;)

Gentry really wanted to "bust that thing wide open", as he said it.

Jubal got up to hit and that was all she wrote.
Candy dropped everywhere.
I was sad that none of the other kiddos got to get their chance.
They were just happy to have some candy. :)

After our guests left, we ran inside out of the thunderstorm to get dry.  Gentry told us that he had the best party ever.  That made this mama proud.  It was his day and we made it all about him.

Then we took a nap. Ha!


We love you!!!


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