Thursday, February 14, 2013


Gentry is FULL of attitude these days! As he gets older, he gets more & more demanding.  It's funny, really, but sometimes it can also be frustrating.  So far, this is the biggest difference between our boys.  Jubal was always very laid back, not fussy at all.  I think maybe it's because Jubal was the only child we had so he pretty much was catered to without having to want for anything. Ya know?

Gentry, on the other hand, has to sometimes wait in line, bless him.  He can get awful upset if he isn't seen about right away.  No tears.  Just plain out fussing.  That boy, I tell ya! ;)

Another thing about Gentry that differs from his brother is that Gentry fights sleep.  He doesn't mind waking up in the mornings (also different than his brother ha!), but he hates going to sleep.  His little eyes will be rolling back and his eyelids will be almost closed, yet he'll pop back up, usually screaming.  Can you say attitude???

No matter what, though, I love this little guy just as much as I love his big brother.  I'm glad they're different.  Jubal has his quirks, too, but neither does anything specifically that this mama can't handle.  I just wanted to write about how his attitude and personality are both really beginning to show and grow.

Hopefully, when Gentry gets a little older, he'll learn to be more patient.  I doubt he ever grows out of not wanting to go to sleep.  I never did...until I was much older.  Now, I can barely keep my eyes open past 9:30. Ha!  My boys, plus a full-time job, wear me out.

I wouldn't have it any other way, though. ;)



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