Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Halloween fell on a Saturday this year.  Our small town still held Trick-or-Treat on Thursday.  We didn't dress the boys up in their costumes on Thursday, but we did let them go trick-or-treating.  I didn't go with them since they went with Larson and some of our neighbors.  I, myself, was looking forward to dressing them up for trick-or-treat on Saturday.

This year, all my boys dressed up as vampires.  I had the privilege of taking pictures since I didn't dress up with them this time.  We had a fun time at Hunter's Pointe in Statesboro this year with our friends Chuck and Erin, and their girls, Aurora and Aylah.  I'm so glad it was a Saturday so we could participate.

Larson, Aurora, Gentry, & Jubal

Aurora & the boys

Jubal, Aurora, Aylah, & Gentry

Larson found someone having a GA/FL party and went to check out the score...

This is his face when he found out GA was losing.  HA!!

We had such a fun time.  Each year gets better & better as the boys get older and seem to enjoy it more.  Wonder what they will want to be next year? ;)


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