Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jurassic Quest

We had the opportunity to take the boys to an animatronic dinosaur exhibit in Savannah over the weekend.  We bought the tickets several weeks in advance, and the boys looked forward to it very much.  Even though they had fun, they didn't get to do any of the VIP activities that we paid extra for because the lines had up to FOUR hours waiting time.

They did get to jump on a couple of the bouncy houses, after waiting in line for 30 minutes, for exactly TWO minutes before having to get off so the lines could "move along".  They never got to participate in the Walking Dinosaur exhibit, had to sit on Larson's shoulders just to catch a glimpse of the Baby Dinosaur show, and never got to do the Fossil Dig.  These were all activities that we paid extra for.

They did manage to get their faces painted after waiting 1 1/2 hours, and $20.00 more since this particular activity wasn't included in the VIP pass.  It was ridiculous, really.  I was very disappointed, but other than the boys being upset that they didn't get to do the fossil dig, they seemed to be satisfied.  After being there from 11:30-4, they were as ready to go as we were.

We actually enjoyed just hanging out by the river more than we did the show.  Fresh air, plenty of room to run, and lots of birds to feed.

The highlight of their day was that we got to meet up with their friend, Gwen & her mom.   As long as the boys were happy, so was I.


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