Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Back To School~2017

The boys had their first day back to school yesterday. 
 We went to meet their teachers and see where their new classrooms were going to be last Thursday.

Gentry, my kindergartner, has Mrs. Waters, just like Jubal did.
I requested her, and I'm so thankful he got her.
So, we are familiar with her and where her classroom is located.
Gentry will excel this year, I'm sure, because she is an awesome teacher.

Another thing that makes us happy is he has lots of his friends in his class this year, too.
Hadley & Clara Jane may end up squabbling over who is Gentry's girlfriend,
but I think they will all survive. ;)

After orientation, we went to get Jubal's hair cut and Gentry's trimmed up over his ears.
I'm so happy Gentry's hair is growing back out, so no major cut for him.
Jubal looks handsome as ever again, though.

We tried talking the boys into going to a movie or the trampoline park over the weekend.
They chose to have friends over instead, though.
Miles came to play the PS4 with Jubal, and Zakari came to hang out with Gentry.
They had a good day with their buddies anyway.
No big hoorah before school started back, but they got what they asked for.

I had my friend, Christie, make the boys each a cute t-shirt to wear on the first day.
Gentry wore his proudly, but Jubal was not having anything to do with it.
I guess he's at the age now where he likes to decide what he will wear.
No more having shirts made for him.
Guess those days are gone. :(

I did make him let me get a picture of him in it.
You can tell he wasn't happy & I was forcing him to smile.

I let him change into his pick after this picture.
Can you tell the difference in his smile?

I absolutely love Gentry's shirt.
His teacher loved it, too.
He's my little heart breaker.

They both said they had a great first day.
I could tell Gentry loved it just by the look on his face.
He was so excited telling me about it.

Jubal seemed to enjoy his new 2nd grade teachers.
He has two teachers this year since they switch classes mid-day.
Ms. Dreggors has him for homeroom, Math & Social Studies.
Ms. Hunter has him for Reading & Science.
He then has an art class & PE.
He likes getting to go to different classes during the day.

I'm praying they both have an awesome year.
I'm so proud of my big boys!


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