Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Birthday

I turned 42 on Friday, August 14. I remember a time when I would have taken the day off of work, and had huge plans with friends to party until the sun came up the next morning. I was much, much younger then, though. Ha!

 I worked, as usual. After work, we went  & did our usual Friday night thing, which is to go have dinner with my mama. She got me a birthday cake just like she does every year. :)

I'm so thankful for her.  She always makes sure I have a cake.  Larson had mentioned on our way to work that we should get some cupcakes or something.  I told him no because I knew my mama would have a cake waiting on me when we got to her house.  We actually had to end up picking it up from the store for her, but she got her baby a cake. :)

Saturday after work, we made the trip to Warner Robins.  I was like a giddy teenage girl again.  We stayed with my sister, and while she kept my boys, Larson & I got to go hang out with some of my old friends.  It felt so good.  I'm looking forward to going back again soon.

Nikki Lawson Crofutt, Bobbi Sue Ledford Wooten, & ME :)

Larson was ready to go back to my sister's at 11:30, so me & the girls gave him a ride home and I went back for awhile.  I ended up not getting home until after 3.  Made me really feel like a teenager again.  Do you know how long it's been since I stayed UP, much less OUT until 3 AM?!!  Ha!!

I didn't get to sleep when I got back, either.  Motherhood called.  Gentry was up at 4 because he was in a strange place and didn't sleep well, then once he drifted back off, Jubal was crawling on me by 6:30.  Everyone was up by 7:30, and we had to get ready for church with my sister.

She goes to a huge church.  A 7,000 member church.  Huge! Traffic is directed into & out of service, you have to check your kids in, and the sanctuary is so big, you have to watch the pastor preach on the big screen.  A lot of music, and lights.  Almost like a concert.  It was good to be in church, though.

After church, we decided to go ahead and head out for home.  Jubal was not happy about this.  He wanted to stay at Laney's for a longer time.  That's why he was pouting in the picture above.  

We took one more picture of us and then got on the road.  Jubal was hungry so we stopped at the nearest Mickey D's before leaving WR.  We ended up staying there for a hour since the playground was inside & air conditioned.  It helped tire them down some for the drive home.

You can believe me when I tell you this...

Just as soon as I walked in our back door, I dropped everything I had carried in, and I crashed on the couch.  I was a tired woman.  I'm getting too old to be staying out so late. ;)

It was an awesome weekend, though, and I'm so thankful for another year to be with my family & friends.



  1. I'm so glad you had a good time. Hope next time you come y'all can stay longer. Love all of you very much. Sister and Laney

    1. Thank you for letting us stay with you, and for keeping the boys so I could enjoy some adult time. Hope to come back soon. :)


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