Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jubal Goes To Kindergarten

I took Jubal to meet his teacher yesterday, and he had his very first day of Kindergarten today. He was so excited to be going to "big boy" school. Not daycare, not Pre-K, but real school, as he calls it.

He loves his new TMNT book bag.  He was so proud to walk in with it on his back.  I let him lead me to his classroom to make sure he remembered which was his.  As soon as he walked in he took his book bag off.  I had to ask him to put it back on for the picture, which is why he has that look on his face.  Ha!

He has one of his buddies in his class this year.  I'm sure he will make other friends, though.  I'm just glad Ian is with him this year.  I hope they don't cause trouble together.

I got him settled in, and was just standing back taking it all in.  My firstborn boy is in Kindergarten now.  I just looked at him lining up to go to breakfast.  Thinking, "Where have the years gone?"  That's when my boy turned around just as I was about to snap this picture, so he could walk over to me to give me one more hug and to tell me he would miss me.  I hope he & I always have such a close relationship.

I can't wait to get home and hear all about his first day.  I hope he loved it, and I hope he likes his teacher, Mrs. Cynthia Waters & his parapro, Mrs. Sara.  I chose Mrs. Waters for his teacher specifically because I thought her style of teaching would  be good for him.  Please, God, let it be the right decision.  Help my baby have a great school year & please keep him safe.

Thanks in advance, God! :)


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