Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Random Pic Dump

As I told you yesterday, I was going through the pics on my phone when I found Jubal's selfies. I also had several other pics from recently that are just random, but remind me of fun little moments of our life. Nothing extraordinary, just little moments.

I want to keep them. ;)

When I'm working on Saturday, and Larson has the boys, 
I get texts of my boys like this. Ha!

Larson likes taking them to the park on Saturdays so they're not 
cooped up at the house doing the same ol' things.

He also takes them fishing.  My boys love to fish.

Mrs. Diane still sends me pics from daycare.
She gets pictures for me of my boys loving each other all the time.
The pic of Gentry in the crown has a back story.
Mrs. Diane asked him if he was a princess.
He said, "NO!  I'm King Gentry!!!"
At least he knows the male role. ;)

My friend, Kristen, took this pic of Gentry at Jubal's birthday party.
He's wearing her shades, looking full of swagger. Hahahaha!!

Introducing our kitten, Tink.
She's a wild one, I tell ya.
Loves to play in the bathroom sinks.

I did a little comparison of me & Gentry.
Everyone says Jubal looks like Larson, and Gentry looks like me.
Yeah, I definitely see it.

And, last, but not least, the picture Jubal took of me.
It was after work, absolutely no makeup, had not ran a brush through my hair
since early morning, and was eating pizza with him when he snapped this.
After he took it, he looked at it and said, "Oh, Mama!  Look how beautiful!"
I surely didn't feel beautiful, nor do I think I look pretty at all in this pic,
but if my boy thinks I'm beautiful, then surely I must be. :)

And that's it for today, folks.  That's all I've got.  It's hot.  Even with the air conditioner running.  Stay cool! ;)


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