Friday, July 17, 2015

Staycation 2015: Part 4

I'm back at it again today. I'm going to post about our trip to Shellman's Bluff today.

We went to visit Aunt Jonell. She is so good to our boys, just like she was so good to Larson when he was a young boy. He is her nephew, but she has always treated him as her son, and now she treats our boys as if they are her grandsons. She is our "stand-in" grandmother for our boys since my mother is disabled, and Larson's mother already has her hands full...basically.

When we first got there that morning, we found Aunt Jonell & Trenton out on the little pier by her house, fishing.  We stopped and hung out there for awhile, until Aunt Jonell was ready to get back to the house to start lunch.  She made us a big spaghetti lunch.  The boys all played in the yard the entire afternoon.  Playing kick ball, football, badminton, and having a water balloon & water gun fights.  

I love how Jubal concentrates so hard on the ball.  He is so determined each time to catch that ball.  He usually does, too. :)

It was hot!  I enjoyed sitting out on Aunt Jonell's screened-in porch under the ceiling fans.  There was also plenty of shade, too.  After eating lunch, it was back outside for more play with the boys.  Jubal was ready to go back to the pier to fish, but it was much to hot to go right then.

We also went for a little ride down to the fish camps.  Aunt Jonell was able to sneak her in a nap while we were gone, which was good for her.  The boys liked looking around, drinking their Dew Shine & eating the beef jerky, but mostly they enjoyed just riding in the air conditioned car, playing games on our phones.  Ha!

Later in the evening, we finally made it back to the pier.  Jubal was in heaven.  There were other people there crabbing, and he was intrigued.  Gentry, too, for that matter, but Gentry stayed close to me usually since he lost interest quickly. :)

I feel the need to narrate this photo.
In the pic before this one, Gentry had accidentally stepped on a bowl/plate of the other people's bait.  
He didn't spill it, but it made a noise and got every one's attention.  
Jubal quickly ran to him and wrapped him in his arms, telling the people it was an accident, protecting 
his little brother in case they were thinking of getting on to him.
They didn't, but just the fact that big brother came to the rescue the way he did melts my heart.

Look closely.  It's a tiny fiddler crab.

I want to remember how he always points with his middle finger. :)

Jubal  & Trenton were using nets to help catch minnows for bait.  Jubal actually ended up catching a crab with his fishing rod.  He was amazed, and still talks about the crab he caught.

Once the mosquitoes started biting at sunset, we called it a day at the pier.  We all went back to Aunt Jonell's, and while the boys all got baths, she made some tuna salad and some chicken salad, which was delicious on crackers after a long, hot evening.  It was perfect.

We debated on spending the night since she had plenty of room, but my boys really, really like being home when it's bed time.  So, we made the trip home and got back around 11:00.  Gentry fell asleep before we were on the road 10 minutes.  Jubal, however, never did go to sleep until he was home, snuggled up next to me. :)

It was another fun day and was well spent with family.  We can't wait to get back down there and do some more fishing.


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