Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Staycation 2015: Part 1

Larson & I had our week off from work last week. We were off June 27 - July 6, and it was a great time to spend with our little family even though we stayed close to home.

We learned last year that our boys like to be at home when it's time for bed.  So this year we made sure to plan day trips, thus the "staycation".

I have so many pictures from most of our activities that I will need to break up my posts about our week.  You know I had to try my new camera out. ;)


First up:  River Time

We took Larson's sister's little boy, Gabriel, with us.  He'll be three in December, but he doesn't talk yet.  He evidently doesn't get to play on their phones much, either, because he threw Larson's iPhone in the water while we were playing with Jubal & Gentry, since he wouldn't get in the water with us, either.  No worries, though.  We were able to salvage the phone with rice, thankfully.

We had a great time while we were there.  We happened to be the only people there, which is unusual.  We had the whole sandbar to ourselves.  I took so many pictures.

My favorite picture of the day.

This was about as far as we could get Gabriel to go.

Notice how that tongue stays out. Ha!

Love Jubal's expression in this picture.

He reminds me of a Precious Moments doll. 

Gentry going under.

Making sure I took his picture.

So much sweetness!

Jubal going for the ball.

The sand got him.  Wipeout!

He got up & kept going, though. That's my boy!

Gentry under.

Gentry up, Jubal under.

I asked for a smile & got this.

There's that smile!

Building a castle.

Gentry making his own castle since Jubal wouldn't let him help with his.

Larson trying to get some sugar from Gabriel.

Gabriel wasn't going for it, though.

Gentry gave him some sugar.

Jubal did, too. :)

I know that's a lot of pictures, but I want to savor every minute of their young lives as I can.  I know I'll be able to look back at these pictures one day and remember exactly what we were doing, and how I felt being their mama in that very moment.

Good times.  Lord knows I love my boys.  I feel so very blessed.  I thank God every day, several times a day.  Even when I'm at my wits end, and ready for them to go to bed most nights.  The love I have for my family is unconditional & never ending.

I will continue tomorrow (God willing) with more of our week long staycation.


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