Saturday, July 11, 2015

Staycation 2015: Part 3

Next up:  Fishing

We took the boys fishing one of our days off together. They thoroughly enjoy fishing, and think it's a very big deal. We have friends that have two ponds behind their house, and they have plenty of big & small fish in them.

They get so excited when they catch a fish.  I love seeing the excitement in their eyes.  It was extremely hot this particular day, and the fish weren't really biting, so we didn't spend much time out there.  Instead, we ended up back at home on the water slide.

It was still another great day together. :)

I love my sweet country boys.

Jubal can sling a rod & reel. Gentry still uses a pole, like his mama. ;)

Jubal dives down.

Gentry prefers to take it a little easier when going head first.

Love this look on his face.

I'm not sure if I'll make it back tomorrow for another Staycation post.  It's my big boy's birthday.  He turns FIVE tomorrow and we have a big party planned.  I will possibly even post about his birthday & his party before getting back on track with our vacation series. 

I'm so excited for my boy!  He's been waiting on tomorrow for months now.  It's his big day.  Hopefully, it will turn out awesome for him.


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