Friday, July 10, 2015

Staycation 2015: Part 2

I'm going to try and pick up today where I left off day before yesterday. Shame on me for not getting right back on it yesterday, but I just could not find the time.

So, up next is our Splash in the Boro day.  We took the boys last year, but they both had much more fun this year since they're older.  We had a fun time and spent a good portion of our day there.  Once the boys got hungry for some food other than just snacks, they requested we go to Burger King.  That's there favorite place to go since it has an indoor playground.  We obliged.

It was a good day.

My whole heart.

My handsome hubby.

My favorite picture of Jubal all day.

After we got home, we were sure the boys would be ready to take a nap, but it still took some play time outside to wear them out. Ha!  I'm just thankful for the time we all got to spend together, this day & all the other days, too.  We don't get enough quality time really, due to work, but we made up for some lost time.

I'll be back again tomorrow (hopefully) with more of our daily adventures of our Fourth of July week off. :)


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