Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Staycation 2015: July 4th

This is my final post about our week off/staycation. Every year as our boys get older, it gets better & better. I recall so many wonderful, fun-filled vacation memories of when I was a young girl. They are still vivid now, even though I'm a middle-aged woman. I hope we make memories that my boys will cherish all of their lives. Good memories. Memories that indeed last a lifetime.

This last post is about our Fourth of July.  Larson took the boys fishing earlier in the day while I stayed home and soaked up the AC.  I will be the first to admit that summer is my least favorite season.  I love spring & fall, with fall being my absolute favorite.  Summer vacation is the only thing I look forward to during summer, because I definitely hate the hot weather.

Anyway, back to my actual post.  Ha!  Larson took the boys fishing, and then we took them to see fireworks later that night.  I dressed them (yes, even Larson) in red, white, & blue.  They are my world, and I most definitely enjoyed celebrating with them and spending some good quality time with them during our week long staycation.

And with that last picture, I will say that our staycation ended with a bang. ;)

We recuperated on Sunday, and Larson returned to work on Monday while I got our home back in order and ready for routine again.  I returned on Tuesday, and was actually okay with being back at work.  Now, I'm ready for another vacation.  Ha!


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