Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jubal Is Five!

I'm going to break up the monotony in my posts and throw in one about Jubal's birthday party. Then, I'll get back to our "Staycation 2015 series". Ha!

I've been needing to do this for a few days now, but just haven't been able to post until now.

Let's start with the cake.  Jubal picked his cake out several months ago.  Like, I'm talking probably back before Christmas even.  I always ask him what kind he wants, then once I find out I go on Pinterest and pick out a selection of different styles to let him choose from.  This is the one he picked, so this is the one he got.  Thanks to Angela Weaver Guy, his cake dreams came true.

Jubal had invited a few friends this year.  This is the first birthday party he's had where more than just family & their kids came.  This year, he made the invitation list.  We had Garrett, Ian, Alex, Gwen, and Olivia.  His friend, David, was supposed to come, but his dad is an EMT and wasn't able to get him there.

Larson made a homemade piñata for the kids to bust, we grilled hotdogs, and the kids played and splashed on the water slide all day.  When I say all day, I mean all day.  The party was from 1:30-5, but the last little party animal didn't leave until almost 7:30.  I was exhausted!  Thankfully, my BFF, Darla, came to my rescue and helped me out during the party.

I didn't get any pictures of them busting the piñata, but I got these pics of them gathering all their candy up.  I also didn't get to get any pictures of Jubal opening his gifts, either. :(

Next, our friend, Kristen, Gwen's mama, brought silly string.  I managed to get a few pics of this escapade.

It was definitely messy, but so much fun for the kids.  They kept asking for more.  Luckily for me, it was all gone. Ha!

The kids continued playing while Darla grilled the hotdogs, then she even fixed each one a plate and we let them eat out on the back deck to keep from bringing a herd of wet kids in my house.  As they dried out on the back porch, we got everything ready for cake so they could come in and we could sing Happy Birthday.

After eating, some of the kids started going home, and the others went back to playing outside on the slide.  Ian & his dad hung around the longest.  They all put on a little concert with all of Jubal & Gentry's musical instruments in our living room.

Thankfully, Michael Shane stayed to help me clean up a little after everyone left.  Once the boys had a bath, they climbed in bed with Larson and went right to sleep, so me & Michael Shane took a ride to help me unwind from the long day. 

It was a fun day.  I'm just happy Jubal was happy.  The very last thing he said before he closed his little eyes was, "Mama, I loved my birthday."  I asked him, "You did?"  He said, "Yes, Mama, so much."  Then he laid his little head down and closed his eyes.  It was so sweet.

All the sweat & tears that went into his party was worth it.  Oh yes it was. :)


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