Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My New Camera

I bought myself a new camera last week. I haven't taken the boys out and took any super awesome pictures yet, but I did take a few candid photos around the house over the weekend. We didn't do much, just went to the river for the day on Father's Day. That's what Larson wanted to do, so that's what we did. I didn't take my camera, though. I'm still learning it, and didn't want to chance getting sand on it. Ha!

Here's a few of the pictures I have taken.  I can't wait to learn all about my new camera, and take some cool pics of my boys. :)

All of the ones above were taken inside in extremely low light, with the flash.  I am amazed, especially since all I've used in a few years is my iPhone camera.  Haha!  Other than that, all I had was a little digital Kodak camera.  It definitely didn't take pictures like this.  I didn't get in over my head with the new camera, though.  I basically just wanted something I could take some good pictures of my boys with.  I inquired with friends that are really into photography, and did my own research, ending up with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR.  It serves every purpose I needed it for, and I'm happy with it.  Like I said, I'm just ready to learn more about & get in there and take some really awesome pictures of my boys.

Here's some of them outside.  I love how the colors show up so clearly.

Our back yard & deck get a lot of time spent in/on them in the summer.  My boys want to be outside all the time.  In the summer, we have to have water.  They're either in one of the little pools, on their water slide, at the river, in a friend's pool, or at the beach.  I really don't like the beach, but we do go at least once a year.  I prefer clearer, unsalted water that I can see my feet in.

I'm learning about taking in-motion pictures, too.  Jubal loves to play ball.  Here's a few of him & his daddy outside playing.  

He gets so proud when his daddy kicks it really high, he chases it, and catches it.  Jubal likes any kind of sport you will let him play.  Gentry is into most sports himself, but Jubal demands a lot more attention than Gentry does.  Gentry is fine entertaining himself.  He's more like me. :)

Anyway, I'm excited to start posting some pictures other than those I take with my phone.  Our vacation is coming up.  Maybe I'll have some good pictures from it.


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