Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gentry Turned Three!!

Oh my goodness! My baby boy turned three on June 8. We celebrated his little life on Sunday with a couple of his buddies, and some family. The kids played on the water slide all afternoon. We had hot dogs, chips, cake & ice cream, and FUN. :)

I didn't get any pics after taking a couple of his cake because I was busy watching my baby have a good time, and chatting with friends.  Gentry specifically requested his cake.  It is George Pig's dinosaur.

George Pig is Peppa Pig's brother, which is one of Gentry's favorite shows.  He also didn't want George Pig, just his dinosaur.  Hence, this ugly little dinosaur...

My baby boy got exactly what he wanted.  It wasn't but a few minutes after I took these pictures of the cake  that the middle of it had Gentry's fingers right through it.  We had walked outside to finish getting the slide up, and Gentry was left inside, lying in the bed watching Peppa Pig.  He came out with green icing around his mouth and said, "Mama, I ate some of my cake."  My jaw dropped, but I was like, "Yes, yes you sure did, baby."

I figured it was his cake.  If anyone was going to do it, I'd rather it be him.  Especially since I had been arguing with Jubal all morning about not touching it.

I did get a video of us singing Happy Birthday to Gentry.  That is his very favorite part of any birthday party.  He got to make a wish and blow out his candles, with a little help from Jubal, who was equally excited.

You can see in the video where my little man got his fingers in there.

While everyone was eating, Gentry fell asleep.  I let him sleep about 30 minutes before waking him up to blow out his candles & have cake.  Afterwards, the kids played some more on the slide, or in the playroom.  Luckily, Gentry's BFF, Greyson's mom got a cute picture of them playing. 

Everyone started leaving around 6, and I'm going to be honest, we were all so tired.  I was hoping for an early bed time, but we still didn't get to bed until around 10.  It was worth it, though, to see my baby boy so happy, and to celebrate his life.


Edit on 6/17/15:
Also, I wanted to add that Gentry was able to have another little birthday party on Monday with all his school  friends.  We had plenty of cake left over, so I sent it to school for his class to enjoy.  Mrs. Diane sent me these pics.

So happy my boy got to celebrate twice for his birthday.  He deserves it for being such a sweetheart. :)


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