Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Vacation Bible School

Last week, Jubal attended his first VBS at First Baptist Church.  He was a little hesitant to go, but after the first night, he was totally all about it.  He met a young girl named Miss Malaree, and came home calling her his "girlfriend".  A fellow mom that was there sent me over a picture and let me know that she thought her daughter, Madison, and her friend, Malaree, may just adore Jubal, too.

Jubal & Miss Malaree

The pic Missi sent me from VBS.

Parents got to attend the last night of VBS for a celebration.  We got to see our kids sing, dance, and have so much fun.

Not one day has passed since last Thursday that Jubal has not asked to see Malaree, or go back to VBS.  I try to explain that VBS is over there, but he doesn't understand.  I've even got it planned for him & Gentry to attend another VBS at Calvary, but he insists on going back to this particular one.  I'm sure it's because of Miss Malaree. ;)

I will add, though, that Malaree's mother contacted me via FaceBook to let me know that Malaree said anytime we needed a babysitter to please call her.  She just loves Jubal to pieces, too.  We may give the babysitting a try.  We'll see.

Also, to see the slideshow from VBS that we got to see at the celebration, click this link: Journey Off The Map.
***Video credit: Kellie Rogers Zeigler


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