Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gentry's Princess

My BFF, Shawnya, blessed me many years ago with my "first baby".  I was only 19 when Tiffany came into my life, and I've watched her grow into a beautiful young woman.  Tiffany is Shawnya's daughter, but we've had such a connection her entire life, that she feels like mine since I have been there from the beginning. :)

Tiffany is grown now and has a little girl of her own.  Hadley was born in February, before Gentry was born in June of 2012.  They go to GCA together, and just recently Gentry has begun to call her his princess.  They love each other, and I'm so happy that the love continues to grow throughout my friendship with Shawnya that has lasted 23 years.

I asked Hadley the other morning if she loved Gentry, her prince.  She quickly replied that yes, she did, and they were going to get married.  I told her we would have to wait and see about that.  Haha!  It's so cute to see their faces light up in the mornings when they see each other.

Maybe one day they will be boyfriend/girlfriend, he'll be the high school quarterback, she'll be the cheerleader captain, they'll go to prom, be King & Queen. Maybe they will marry each other one day.  Who knows?

I'm just proud of the foundation that they have because Shawnya & I started this journey as friends together  so many years ago.  No matter what, though, I hope they always remain friends.


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