Saturday, January 9, 2016

Our Mrs. Diane

We have a very special woman in our lives that takes every extra step to help with our boys and loves them as if they were her very own. Mrs. Diane has taken care of our boys in one way or another their entire lives. She works at GCA, is an Assistant Director, and teaches K-3 there. Even though the boys didn't actually make it into her classroom until they were old enough, they found their way into her heart long before that. :)

She has helped me so much along the way with Jubal & Gentry.  She's always given me great advice, and most importantly, she has encouraged me when I felt I just couldn't do enough or thought I was doing it all wrong.

We had to work Christmas Eve, and GCA was closed.  Mrs. Diane kept the boys for us at her home.  They had the best time ever with her, and she kept them busy with fun adventures, and awake so they were asleep early for Santa to show up that night. ;)

Throughout the day, she would send me pictures of their good times...

Playing checkers before the sun was even up good.

She said this reminded her of when her children/grandchild was small.
They loved everything she had for them to play with; toys she still has from her sons & grandson.

They both loved the huge playhouse & slide.

Feeding the fish.

Petting the goats.

Making Daddy a special ornament.

Making Mama a special ornament.

She did so many exciting things with them.  They were thoroughly entertained and kept busy all day long.  I knew they would be well taken care of since I never have to worry about them with her.  They respect her, and love her even more. 

We are very thankful for "our" Mrs. Diane.


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