Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Saturdays With Dad

Since I work on Saturdays, Larson has the boys to himself until I get home around 2:30. Usually, they stay around the house unless they go visit their papa or granny, but lately since the weather has been either too cold or rainy, Larson has been taking them somewhere they can have fun inside.

Our local McDonalds did a remodel and now the playground is inside and the boys love it.  If we took them every day, they would be happy.  Not happening, though. Larson has also been taking them to the library.  They really enjoy all the books, and they love to play on the computer, too.

I just wanted to share a few of the pics Larson texts me to show me how much fun they're having.

Posing outside the library.

One of their favorite things to do.

Puzzle time.

Ice cream even when it's cold outside. :)


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