Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Almost a year...11 months already

Cute sailboat applique by Cousin Lacy :)

My Sweet Jubal Talon,

You are still and always will be my biggest and best accomplishment. I love you so much and CANNOT believe you are almost a year old. What happened to the last eleven months??? Time has passed and we will never be able to get it back and that saddens me. I want to keep you just like you are forever.

-Your vocabulary has definitely increased. Even though you don't exactly pronounce the words, we know by your gestures what it is you're trying to say. You say "hey", "dada", "hey there", "no", and "thank you" now. You still haven't said mama, but I know when you do it will be music to my ears & I will more than likely cry. Ha!

-You have six teeth now. You've had your two bottom teeth for awhile, but the four on top came through all at one time just two weeks ago. They're coming on down now & they are the prettiest little pearly whites I have ever seen. You're definitely going to have a gorgeous smile. That makes me proud.

-You still eat baby food. It's Stage 3 Gerber, though. You like the lasagna, spaghetti, vegetables w/ chicken, vegetables w/ beef, chicken noodle, broccoli & carrots w/ cheese, and squash & zucchini. You eat a lot of table food. You love buttery grits for breakfast. You eat eggs, as well. You eat any meat we give you. However, we still give you meats in your mesh feeder because Daddy is still afraid of you choking. So far you have liked everything you've tried & do not seem to be a picky eater at all.

-You will begin regular milk in two weeks. I think about that and wonder how it will feel not to boil water anymore. You have never had water straight from the spicket, nor have you ever had bottled water. I just couldn't bring myself to buy the bottled water when I could boil yours for free. Besides, who knows if they really purify the water anyway. I had to be sure. It's going to seem odd not to be giving you formula anymore. No more mixing, just pour regular milk into a sippy cup & go. My mind can't grasp that yet. My goal for you by the time you're one is to have you solely on a sippy cup and only taking a bottle at bedtime. We'll see how that goes.

-You still wear mostly 6-9 month clothes, depending on the style. Some of your shorts are still 3 month. We have started buying you some 12 month outfits, though. Also, we are transitioning  from onesies to regular little shirts and shorts or pants. You're still in size 3 diapers. You are growing quickly, though.

-We just bought you your first pair of walking shoes. You have a couple of pairs of sandals for Summer, but these are to hopefully help you progress in your walking skills. You "walk" everywhere as long as you have something to hold onto, but every time you let go, you fall so you haven't gotten over that fear yet. "first steps" yet. You're well on your way, though. I'm in NO hurry!

-You swim like a little fish. Daddy is always afraid for you to go under, but I just let you go naturally. You instinctively know what to do.  I'm so glad you love the water.

-You are generally a very sociable little boy. However, the older you get, the more "clingy" you get. It's usually only when you're sleepy, but most recently when you're ill from your gums hurting because of your teeth coming in.

-You love to sleep. You are your mommy's boy! Our lifestyles never changed much because ever since you were born, you have slept through the night. Unless, of course, you were stuffy from a sinus infection, which was only twice. Other than that, you've been a very healthy baby, with wonderful sleeping habits. Right now, you still sleep in our room, mostly in my arms. It can stay that way, too, no matter what other people say! We love having you close to us.

-You still enjoy going to daycare twice a week. You have a little buddy there named Jacob. I'm waiting to see which of you walk first. The two of you are very competitive with each other.

-You still take baths, but you mostly shower with Daddy. It's so funny to watch you put your head under the water & try to drink it. You get mad when I come get you out so Daddy can bathe, but once I start drying you off and rubbing you down with lotion, you calm down. You especially like it when I clean your ears out. It's almost like I'm giving you a mini massage or something. Too cute!

-You got to attend two weddings this month. I must say you were a huge hit at both. Both brides are close friends of Mommy's so they didn't mind sharing the spotlight with you at all. The photographers at their weddings loved you, too.

Well, little man, that's the rundown. I hope I haven't missed anything because I want to remember all of these things just for my own heart's sake. I'm so happy you are growing into such a happy little boy, but I will admit it's breaking my heart for the time to be passing so quickly. I hope that I show you every single day how special you are & how much I love and cherish you. I waited so long for you.

You are extra special to your daddy, too, because he never thought he would be able to live the life he lives today. To have you in his life is the most spectacular thing ever! You are one WANTED little boy. Oh, how special & loved you are!!!

I love you, Jubal!


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