Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Sunset Ride To See A Cow

Our days tend to run together since we have such a mundane schedule/routine

It's always wake up, get dressed, take the boys to daycare, go to work, get off work, go pick the boys up, go home, cook supper, clean kitchen, get baths, get ready for bed, watch a little T.V., rock babies to sleep, go to bed, get up and do the same thing the next day.

I feel like I never have a significant amount of good, quality time with my boys, husband included.  It's always the same ol', same ol'.

Last night I requested that we take Jubal to see the "Moo Cows" in Pappaw's truck, since he loves Pappaw's truck so much.  As soon as supper was cooked and we finished eating, we loaded the boys up and left out for the cow pastures.  I left the dishes in the sink.  That's a biggie for me. ;)

I need to learn how to let things go like that more often.  I need to let the "schedule" go.  I need to exhale sometimes.  It was nice just being with my little family last night.

Check out this amazing sunset just out of my backdoor.  Gorgeous.  There most definitely IS a God.

Just a little farther down the dirt road there is a pond and the way the sunset reflected off of the water was so beautiful.  This picture by no means does it justice.

As we made our way to the open fields and cow pastures, Jubal continued to look at me so sweetly and ask, "Cow, Mama?"  "Yes, Baby, we're going to see the cows.", I said.  He would just smile that breathtaking smile of his.

We don't make him ride in a car seat when we take him riding in Pappaw's truck because we're usually just on the dirt road riding no more than 10 mph.  He gets to ride up front, on the console, between his daddy & I.

I had my arm wrapped around his little waist for support and he grabbed my hand and pulled it around him.  I love it when he holds my hand.  He won't want to do this forever, so I take advantage every chance I get.

There just happened to be a huge cow standing near the fence when we got there.  All of the others were far off, grazing.  Of course, as soon as Jubal & Larson walked up to the fence, the cow ran away.  Jubal was so sweet trying to call the cow.  I caught some of it on video, though it's not a very good video since it was getting darker by the second.

I stayed in the truck with Gentry since we didn't have him sprayed down with bug spray.  The mosquitoes are awful.  I certainly don't want either of my babies to get the West Nile disease.

We rode a little ways on down the road to see if another herd of cows was in a different pasture, but since they weren't I told Jubal that their mama's had made them go home since it was dark and it was nite nite time. 

We then went back by the other cow so Jubal could tell him goodbye & goodnight.

It was nice to stray away from the same old routine.  I felt more at peace, feeling as if I had spent more time with my boys.  This is something I need to do all the time because they are what's most important to me.  More than a clean house, or any type of schedule.  I just want to enjoy the time God allows me to spend with them and never have any regrets about maybe not spending enough time with them while they're little, when they're older.

Sometimes I wish I could be a stay-at-home mom so I could spend more time with them.  That will never be, though, so we make due and do what we have to do.

It was a good evening. We're going to do it more often, I hope. :)



  1. LOVE LOVE this post :) It is Precious! GiGi Loves her LiL nephews too!


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