Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dirt Roads

I said I wanted us to take more time out of our busy days to just relax with our boys and we have been, even if it's just spending time in our own back yard in the evenings after work & daycare while Jubal rides his four wheeler or we pull him in his wagon.

The weather has been so nice lately and it makes it easier to get out and do more.  Gentry doesn't do well in the heat (his little face breaks out), so it was hard for me to be able to get outside with Jubal & Larson until it cooled off some so we could take him outside with us.

Jubal's favorite thing is riding in Pappaw's truck.  We like to go riding on the dirt roads around our house and everyone knows he loves "Moo Cows", so we're always on the lookout for a good cow pasture. ;)

Thursday evening, my sister cooked supper for us all over at my mama's house.  Alannah was at a friend's house, and Jubal was heartbroken, so we decided to take him for a ride while my sister & mama kept Gentry with them.

It wasn't too far down the road before we saw a field of cows.  Since we didn't have Mr. Gentry with us, I was able to get out with my biggest boy and see the cows with him.  Sadly, our little chihuahua thinks he is 10 feet tall & bulletproof and he scared the cows away from us. :(

Goodness! I am so country! ;)

We stopped by a few other fields and talked with Jubal about farmers and cotton and corn, etc.  I would have loved to have been raised on a farm, or even if Larson had been raised on a farm and still worked on it.  I would have made a great "farmer's wife", I think.  It would be nice to have something to pass on to our boys, as well.

I love how he is looking at his daddy, listening so closely to what he is saying. :)

On the way home, we saw some more cows back behind my favorite pond.  I love the rustic little pond house beside it.  I wouldn't mind waking up there and going out on the front porch to drink a cup of coffee on a cool morning to just stare out across this pond.  It's so peaceful.

We got on back to Mama's for supper.  Gena, my sister, had a crab casserole, broccoli salad, and biscuits cooked.  It was delicious.  We ate and then snuggled with our baby boy some. :)

After visiting for a little while, and against Jubal's wishes because he wanted to stay and play with Laney some more, we had to get back home for baths and bedtime.

I'm so thankful Fall is finally here.  It's my favorite season, with October being my favorite month out of the entire year.  I'm getting excited about going to the fair, pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, Halloween, decorating, hay rides, etc.

Actually, I'm just excited for the cooler weather so we can get out with our boys more. Fun, fun! :)


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  1. Love the Post! Jubal is gonna shoot you one day for putting his hiney on the Internet LMBO


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