Friday, July 19, 2013

The Boys' First Beach Trip

For us to live so close to the beach, you would think we would have at least taken Jubal before now, but we actually prefer a nice, crystal blue pool to the salty ocean. We also enjoy taking it easy at the river, too.

We did make it to the beach for the first time this summer, though, on July 6 with our friends and their kids. Jubal & Gentry both enjoyed it pretty much. Gentry liked digging in the sand the most. Jubal liked jumping waves with his daddy & I. I think we will continue our impromptu trips to Carter's Bight instead of driving an hour and then walking a mile to get to the beach, though.

Here are some pictures to commemorate Jubal & Gentry's first trip to the beach. :)

Setting up our little spot.

Addy & Jubal

Jubal holding Michelle's hand.

Gentry was mad because Jubal sat in his chair. Ha!

I love this pic of my baby!

Gentry was thirsty, too.

My biggest baby.

Jubal had a great time covering Michelle with wet sand.

We made an entire day out of it, so we were all good & tired when we got home that evening.  We unpacked the vehicles and went home, got showers, and got some sleep.

We may make another trip to the beach this summer.  It's just a whole lot of work when you have 6 kids in tow.  Maybe Larson & I will just go with the boys one day.  We'll see. 


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