Tuesday, August 20, 2013

School Days

With all the children going back to school this time of year, I see lots of pictures of their first day.  Jubal doesn't go to "real" school yet, but he's in K-3 at Glennville Christian Academy and he loves it, as well as his teacher, Mrs. Diane.

I thought I would save some of the pictures I have of him in K-3 so he can look back (hopefully) at them one day and see how he spent his days at GCA. :)

He loves any kind of music. He loves making music, too.

He was pretending that "Spiderman" fell off the wall. Ha!

"Mopping" his kitchen floor during playtime. Such a little helper.

This little tricycle has been such an incentive during his potty training. He loves riding it.

Cupcakes for his classmate, Tripp's birthday.

I love this little blue-faced angel!

Washing his hands after using the potty like a big boy.

He rolls up his own napper after nap time. Big boy!

Making a sandwich.

Getting his napper down so he can lie down for nap time.

He could ride this thing all day I tell ya!

Jubal has a new friend named Riley. I think he has a crush. :)

His teacher says he's going to be a good daddy one day.
I told her he gets it from his own sweet daddy.

Gentry has moved up out of the nursery and into the K-1 class now that he is walking steadily.  I'm anxious to see how well he transitions.  He is having to learn how to make it through his days with only one nap after lunch now.  He is still used to taking a morning and an afternoon nap, so we'll see how this plays out.  Yesterday was his first day, so I'll post an update on him soon. :)



  1. I love this boy.

    1. He loves you, too, Mrs. Diane. Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher. :)


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