Friday, August 23, 2013


Gosh, time seems to be flying by. I see little sayings everywhere that say "Parenting: The days are long, but the years are short." I can relate.

Jubal is already in K-3 and come May of next year, I'll be registering him for K-4.  I wish we could afford to send him to a private, Christian school, but the best school around here is just too expensive for us.  So, it looks like he'll be going to public school.  Larson & I both attended public school, but times have changed so much since we were in school and I'm a little worried about my boys having to go.

Gentry is no longer in the nursery at daycare.  He has moved up to the one year old class.  He's having some trouble adjusting to only taking one nap a day and has been pretty fussy this entire week.  I knew he was going to have some issues transitioning.  Also, when he napped in the nursery, he was used to sleeping in his Nap Nanny, which was placed inside a crib.  Now, he has to sleep on a cot with a little napper mat.  It's a big change for my little person.  Maybe he will get the swing of things.

They're just both growing up so fast.  No matter how frustrating the situation can be sometimes, I know that they won't always be this little and I'm going to miss them needing me to do so much for them one day.

I just wish I could keep them little forever.  I love being their mama.  I love them.


  1. I sooo wish they could go to a small private school too!!! I would love to see their smiling faces everyday too!!!!

    1. I wish we could send them to Pinewood so bad, Lacy. Maybe one day...


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