Wednesday, September 11, 2013

At School With The Boys

Since Gentry has moved into the K-1 class and is no longer in the nursery, he & Jubal get to interact more often at school now. I love that my boys get to see each other throughout their days at GCA.

Gentry has transitioned to only one nap per day.  The teachers tell me he eats lunch well for them at school.  I wish he would do the same at home.  He likes to feed his supper to our dog, Bozley. ;)

Gentry gets to go outside on the playground now and Jubal is usually outside at the same time so they get to see each other then.  Gentry sometimes gets to "visit" Jubal after nap time, too.

I'm very happy that my boys are there together.  Next year when Jubal starts K-4 at the local elementary school, they won't get to be together all day like they are now.

Anyway, here are some pictures from their days at school together for now.

One of Jubal's favorite things to do at recess is ride the tricycle.

Here they are chatting through the fence. Gentry seriously wants to come over!

Jubal got to color with markers. He colored a picture of a "gator in the river".

Gentry stopped by after nap to see his big brother.

Evidently he wanted to lie down on his brother's napper.

Another "drop by to say hi" day.

Jubal got in trouble for hitting another child so his awesome teacher, Mrs. Diane, made him walk laps.
She said all the kids hate that. Jubal looks absolutely thrilled. Ha!

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Hanging out with Ms. Jordyn before going to his classroom. :)

Jubal thought Gwen needed a hug because she felt bad. I'm glad my child is so compassionate.

It was super hot this day at recess so Jubal & Jaydira were taking a break on the "front porch".

Both of my boys love to be outside. They could play outside from sun up til sun down.


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