Friday, September 13, 2013

In Memory Of Boz

We lost our family pet today. I will miss him the most, I'm sure. He was my fur baby.  I had him long before I had my babies, back when I wasn't even sure I was ever going to have babies.

He was my best friend. Loyal is an understatement. This boy was my sidekick. He went to work with me every day. He went everywhere we went. He was just simply always there. He never left me. Never.

I just don't know what I'm going to do without him always there to greet me with so much love every day. My heart is broken in a thousand pieces.

He loved snuggling with his "lammy".

I was so afraid he would be jealous of Jubal when we brought him home.
He stayed close by, though.

Jubal's first Georgia game. All my boys had their GA shirts on.

Jubal's first Christmas.

Way to photo bomb, Boz!

And again.

How 'bout Bozley's "smile"?!

Our family friend.

At the river with us.

Photo bombing again in our 2012 family pics. :)

With the boys in their pics last month.

All my baby boys.

Yes, we have lost part of our family today.  I have lost a piece of my heart.  May he rest in peace.
I love you, Boz!

In Memory Of:

December 5, 2007 - September 13, 2013



  1. I am sorry about Bozley Shae, I know how if feels to lose a beloved pet.


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