Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gentry At 15 Months

My sweet Gentry,

You are a delight!
The older you get, the funnier you become.
You are a feisty one, though.
Your daddy has you spoiled.

We took you to your 15 month well check visit Monday.
You are weighing in at 25.3 lbs.
You are 31.5 inches tall.
And, of course, you still have your daddy's big head,
measuring 19.5 inches.
(I'm just kidding about your head.  You actually have MY round head.)

There is only about 5 lbs. difference between you and your brother.
There's also only about 5 inches separating your height from his.
We all think you're going to be the bigger & taller of the two of you.

Jubal has gotten you toughened up.
He's not mean to you, but he does play a little too rough at times.
You're learning to defend yourself.
You're also learning how to avoid the situation in the first place.
You RUN!!!
Ha! Ha!

You're such a sweet, handsome little guy.
I pray every day that you grow into a healthy, happy young man.
I look back lovingly at the past 15 months,
and I am looking forward to the years to come that I get to be you mama.
I love you so much.

Always & Forever,

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