Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Day~2013

Christmas morning arrived and Gentry was the first to wake up. I knew I better get a picture before we woke Jubal up because I wouldn't have a chance once they saw all their fun stuff from Santa.

Santa brought Jubal the shark & dinosaur books he asked for, a keyboard, and a new bicycle that is small enough for his little short-legged self to ride.  Ha!  Santa brought Gentry a boom box/karaoke, a booster seat so he can sit with us at the table like a big boy now (YAY!), and he even got a cute little tricycle that Larson nor I have to bend over to push because it has a parent handle.  Thanks, Santa! ;)

Then it was time for our boys to enjoy their Christmas morning.  I'm so thankful the Lord always provides.

It was a beautiful Christmas day, but it was cold that morning.  We tried going out to let them ride their new bikes, but the wind was so cold it felt like it would cut right through you.  Even Jubal wanted to go back inside to play instead.  That means it's cold.

Later, we went to pick up my mama and we all went to Larson's mama's house for lunch.  That woman knows she can cook.  We had a feast and enjoyed spending time with family.  The boys each got a few more presents from their Aunt Heather that they loved.  I was so thankful my mama was able to go with us.  That made it even better.

After spending most of the afternoon there, we took my mama home, and then went home to take a quick nap.  Then it was off to Papa's house.  We ate some more, the boys opened presents from Aunt Fefe, and we all sat and talked awhile.  Before long, it was time to go home.  The boys were tired and so were we.

It was a very exciting day!  I feel like the boys got all they could possibly need.  They were happy & content and that's what matters to us. 


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