Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Two Days

I wish I had the patience to make videos like I've seen some of friends make on YouTube, but I'm happy with the Flipagram app on my iPhone. When I'm up after the boys and Larson are in bed, I enjoy piddling around with it.

Last night, I made a couple of little videos of my boys' birthdays.  It's such a wonderful feeling remembering both of those magical days.  I thought I would never have a baby.  Praise the Lord I now have two healthy, handsome boys.

Here are the two most beautiful days of my life.

Jubal's delivery was by a scheduled C-Section.  We had more time to plan and take pictures, which is why I have pictures of myself on the way to the hospital and being prepped for my delivery.
Gentry's delivery was more complicated.  He came into this world by emergency C-Section because I developed pre-eclampsia at the end of my pregnancy.  I went into my doctor's appointment, they ran some tests, told me not return to work, called me back the next morning and told me to come straight to the hospital.  I didn't have time to plan, Larson was the only one to take pictures, and most of my family didn't even make it to the hospital.  The surgery didn't go as easily, either, so I actually never got to meet my sweet Gentry (and remember it) until the next day.  Thank goodness my sister, nieces, and my best friend, Darla were there to love my baby for me until I could. :)
Read about their birth stories here & here.


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