Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What's up?

I guess I better write a "catch up" post to get us caught up on what's been going on lately.  I hate not posting regularly because when I finally do, my post is just all over the place.

First up, a few weekends ago, we went over to Aunt Fefe's house for an oyster roast.  It was cold, but we had a fire barrel burning strong.  The boys & I, including their cousin, Gabriel, stayed close to the fire while everyone else enjoyed the oysters.  Larson would bring me some, but I wasn't moving from the warmth.  I don't like oysters that good.  Ha!  The boys munched on cheetos because they don't eat them, either.

I caught Jubal being very loving to Gabriel.  They were so sweet.  When Gentry saw his brother loving on someone else, though, he got a little jealous and had to go get him some brother love, too. :)

We took the boys to the park that weekend, too.  It was still chilly out, but my boys can't stand being shut in for long.  They have to get some energy out or destroy our house and drive this mama insane trying to keep it clean behind them.

These boys love the park.  All you have to say is the word park and they both start squealing and bouncing around.

Both of them love to slide, but Jubal's favorite thing is the monkey bars.  I actually prefer the smaller one in another park we go to more often, than the one at our recreation department.  Jubal has no fear and climbs to the very top no matter how high.  I don't worry so much about him on the smaller one.

Gentry's favorite thing to do is swing.  I didn't get any pictures, though. :(

I dressed Gentry in one of my old favorite outfits of Jubal's for school one morning.  Gentry is growing more quickly than Jubal did and he's only getting to wear some of Jubal's hand-me-downs once or twice because of the season.  Jubal's teacher, when he was younger, used to say he looked like a little preacher in this outfit.  I had to get a picture of my sweet Gentry in it, too.

As you can tell, Gentry was not in the mood for pictures at 7:30 in the morning, before school.

I have a lot more to write about, but I'm going to wrap this post up before it gets too long.  I'll make a couple more posts of everything else another time.  Just wanted to get somewhat caught up so I didn't feel so behind.

This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous and it's Valentine's Day weekend, so I'm sure I'll have more on top of what I already have to post.  I need to do better.  Ha!


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