Friday, February 28, 2014

A Few On Friday

There's not a whole lot going on right now. We're definitely ready to see March come in. The sun has been shining more and the temps have been nicer, too, so we've been able to get out a little more. I can already tell the days are getting longer. Yay!

I just have a few pictures to share today.

Gentry is outgrowing all of my fav toddler clothes quickly. 
He's is growing much faster than Jubal did, so I
have to get pictures of him in some of my favorite little outfits he wears. 
 I love the button-up Polo and his little Georgia boots. :)

I had a laundry basket with a few clean clothes left in it and
Jubal was lying in it, calling for me to come take a picture of him in it. 
By the time I got there to get the pic, Gentry had joined him
and, needless to say, Jubal was less than enthused. 
He did not like sharing the spotlight.
Gentry was having fun, though. Ha!

These pictures are from school. 
They were playing musical chairs and Jubal won.
His best bud, Ian, looks a little upset about that. ;)

We got to go to the park again this week.
Gentry loves to swing.
I love his beautiful smile.

This pic is from Jubal's first "sick" visit in over a year.
He had the old stinkin' flu.
Even with fever and feeling bad, I still got to see his sweet smile.

And, last, but not least...
I can't even use the bathroom in peace, but when a little sleepy head
wakes up and brings you a ring and says "marry me",
it's all good.  So sweet!

That's all I have today.  Just a few things on this last Friday of February.  Come on March!  We're ready.



  1. Oh my, your little ones are so cute! I see you live in GA, too! I live near Atlanta, but I went to school in Statesboro. Do you live near there?

    1. As a matter of fact, we live very close to Statesboro! Only about 20 minutes out in the country. Ha! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. OH MY LORD your son are so adorable. I love their names! Isn't being a mom to boys the best thing in the world? I only have one, but that mother-son bond is the best thing in the world. :)

    1. Awww! Thank you so much!! I LOVE being a boy mom. There is nothing greater than that bond. Thank you for stopping by! :)


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