Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Update On School

I have a few pictures to share from the boys' teachers that they send me throughout the day, letting me catch a glimpse of pieces of their day at school. I love being able to capture some of their school days here. Jubal will start K-4 in August, so I won't get to do this with him much longer. :(

Gentry eats like a big boy now.

Jubal was telling Mrs. Diane about going to the park and seeing the train pass by.

Jubal & his buddy, Ian.

Jubal, the doctor.

The doctor who is also a handy man.

And a pilot. ;)

Jubal won a prize for saying his weekly Bible verse. He chose these silly glasses.

Mrs. Diane said it looked like Thanksgiving to her. Haha!

Jubal with his African jewelry on that his class made.

Both my boys are growing & learning so much each day.  Gentry says a new word almost every day, it seems.  He has really become quite the little man since starting K-1.  I love that both of my boys have been able to attend GCA.  I feel like they are completely safe & loved there.  For working moms, this is a huge deal.  I have watched both of them get to grow in a Christian environment, where they not only are given a head start on their education, but they get to learn about Jesus, too.

For this, I am thankful. :)


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