Friday, February 21, 2014

Our Valentine~2014

We didn't really do anything special for Valentine's Day. Larson & I both had to work and the boys went to school. I did make them some cute little valentines to give to their friends and made some goodies for each of their class parties.

Little bags of pink candy drizzled popcorn with Valentines M&ms attached to these cute little pictures I made for each of them.  It was a last minute decision to make these because I had other ideas, but these are the ones that made the cut.

Unfortunately, Gentry's teacher didn't send me any pictures of his class party, so I don't have any to share of him.  BOO!!!  Mrs. Diane, however, sent me a couple of Jubal's class. :)

We did attempt to do something Saturday, but Jubal came down with something and we had to cut our plans short.  We stayed in Saturday night with our boys, one of whom was running a high fever.  We ended up taking Jubal to the ER early Sunday morning.  They gave a diagnosis of croup and started him on a steroid.  He seemed better on Monday when we followed up with his pediatrician, but it came back on him during the night and I carried him back to his pediatrician on Tuesday where they did a flu test which came back positive for Type A.

He's better now, but still hasn't went back to school.  It's been a rough week.  Maybe this weekend we'll all feel up to doing something fun.


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