Saturday, February 22, 2014

Warmer Weather

Since we made it through the great "Winter Storm" of 2014, we decided to get outside and play some on one of our warmer days. My boys love it outside, so every chance we get that's where we are.

The picture above is so funny to me because Gentry was walking by and saw me grab my phone to take a pic.  He casually turned his head toward me and said "Cheese" and just kept walking.  So funny!

Jubal has learned to hang upside down and flip now.  Neither of my boys have any fear.

Let me explain these next pictures. 

This is Gentry trying his best to get in the swing by himself.  After a few seconds of trying it alone, his big brother tries to give him a hand without any success.  Then, Daddy comes to the rescue and helps him up, shows him how, and gives him a good push.  Gentry is still not satisfied, so he hops out and it's back to square one again.  Ha!

I guess he would rather swing like this than sitting in the swing.  It was just too cute to watch.

It's another beautiful weekend so we plan on being outside as much as possible.  We have a few plans for this weekend since Jubal was sick last weekend and all week this week.  He's feeling better now, so we hope to have lots of fun together in this beautiful sunshine.


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