Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oh, January!

January, I've been waiting for you.

With all the hustle & bustle of the holidays, I was actually looking forward to January this year. This is strange because I usually dread January due to the weather, the lifelessness of beautiful flowers, trees, and grass, etc., and just plain boredom because we don't get to get out as much or have anything, such as birthdays, to look forward to during this month.

With two little, rambunctious boys, Halloween began the "holidays" for us.  It seemed like there wasn't enough hours in the day from about mid-October through New Year's day.  I welcomed January this year.  I welcomed the down time.  I welcomed not running around like a mad woman.  I needed a slow down.  Really.

Not much has been going on with our little family so far this year.  We've been keeping with our usual routine which consists of  work and daycare/preschool during the week, with family time being short-lived in the evenings because we only have a few hours after supper and baths.  We do spend lots of quality time together on the weekends, though.  We get out as much as possible and I just enjoy being able to love on my boys all day long. :)

The only pics I have to post right now are random pics from my phone and pictures I get throughout the day from the boys' teachers.  Since Gentry has moved up into the two year old class, he gets to see Jubal more during the day.  The teacher's think it's adorable how they look for each other after nap so they can hug, or how they find each other on the playground at recess and kiss through the fence.  They may fight (like brothers), but they love each other tremendously.

When they aired The Wizard Of Oz on TV right before Thanksgiving, Jubal got on a streak of wanting to watch it everyday.  He pitched a fit to watch it this particular morning when we got him to school, but they only had a VHS copy and there was no VHS player in the media room.  Later, his teacher sent me this pic to let me know he did get to watch a little of it after getting to his regular room.  He was a happy little boy.

Jubal was really into the whole Christmas thing this year.  He loved our tree and sat and stared at it often.  Even now, halfway through January, he's still begging me to put it back up.

This is one of Jubal's best buds at school, Ian.  If they're together, watch out!

Right after they moved Gentry into the K-2 class, I was worried about them putting him down for his nap.  I knew in the baby room, they would still rock him if need be.  His teacher said he laid right down and went to sleep.  

They had the kids a little Christmas party at school on the Monday before Christmas.  I made all kind of goodies for the boys to take.  Reindeer sugar cookies, Grinch sugar cookies, White Trash for the teachers, and the easy chocolate pretzel bites.  Looks like Gentry was enjoying the Cheetos, though.

Jubal thought the sugar cookies were so cool. 
He especially liked the the Grinch cookies. 
I wish I had taken pictures. :(

My babies.

Gentry standing in line with the bigger boys waiting to use the potty after nap. 
They took his sweater vest off for nap time.

Playtime after nap.

Larson & I both had to work on Christmas Eve.  I only had to work until lunch, though.  While the boys were basically the only ones at school that day, Mrs. Diane let Jubal help put every one's things in their cubbies.

He's such a good helper.  At school & at home.

They found each other.  Bubba sugars through the fence. :)

Taking care of the "baby".

Look, it's Spiderman!

His shiner from NYE is showing a little here.

Lawd, have mercy!  When Mrs. Glenda sent me this pic, I almost died!!!
Get my boy outta that dress! Ha! 

They found each other after nap.

He was "fixing" his tiny car.

All better!

This is another one of Jubal's best buds, Leo.

Looks like they're discussing what to build.

Wow!  Look at those building skills. ;)

He loves to read to us.

This was on an unusually warm Saturday while I was at work.  Larson sent me this pic of them riding the cement dog.

Gentry got his booster seat for the table from Santa
so he eats at the big table with us now.

My baby stumped his toe while running through the house about three weeks ago.  We've kept a close eye on it, but he's still going to lose his toenail. :(

This little fella loves to color.

After nap. 
Mrs. Diane said she loves watching them look for & find each other every day. 
She said it's just the sweetest thing how they love each other.

After nap again.

Last, but not least.  I found this picture of Jubal on my phone. 
It's officially his first selfie.  Ha!

That's all I have for now.  I don't mind only having pictures to show and not much to talk about.  I have about 2 1/2 weeks left to enjoy, then it's Superbowl party time, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and the list goes on.  I love to celebrate every holiday, big & small.  I'll be ready.  Thankful for rest now, though. :)


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