Thursday, March 20, 2014

This Love

Because there were ten years between my sister and I, we were never close.  I didn't have that sister "bond".  I was very close with my brother, but I think that's different than same-sex sibling bonds. 

That's why I'm so happy about my boys being close in age, having each other to grow up with, and being able to have that bond.  The love that they have for each other is very visible.  Of course, they fight like crazy, but they will also defend each other quickly, too.

I love seeing them together.  It makes me proud to watch them grow to love each other more every day.

They don't get to play on the same playground at school because they keep the age groups separate.  As you can see, though, my boys love each other even through the barriers that may keep them apart.

This love right here makes this mama's heart happy.  I hope their love for each other and the bond they have only grows bigger and stronger as each day, month, and year passes.


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