Thursday, June 12, 2014

My People

We're missing a few, but here's what's left of my immediate family.
This is my mama, Rebecca Lee Kennedy Brackin with her two daughters,
Gena Leigh Brackin Rogers, and me, Carla Shae Brackin Stanfield.
Gena is divorced and has one daughter, Alannah Danielle Rogers.
I have been married to my husband, Larson Dean Stanfield, 
since October 9, 2001, and we have our two boys,
Jubal Talon Stanfield and Gentry Slade Stanfield,
for whom this blog is written.

My daddy, Benjamin Gene Brackin, passed away on September 5, 2010
 when Jubal was 7 weeks, 6 days old. 
His greatest wish was to live long enough to see his first grandson born, and he did.

My brother, Robert Benjamin Brackin, passed away on November 29, 2003.
He was married to Marianne Street Brackin (not pictured),
and they had one child together,
Lyndsay Rebecca Brackin(also not pictured).

I so wish my daddy and brother were here to see our family now.
I know that my boys would have loved their Pappaw and Uncle Bobby so much.
I also know that their Pappaw and Uncle Bobby would have loved them very much!

I hope both my daddy and my brother are proud of me.
I know neither of them were sure just how my life would turn out.
I was a rebel.
I wasn't that bad, but I was a little wilder than they preferred.
I like to refer to myself as a free spirit.
I wanted to experience everything.

This post isn't really about anything specific.
I just wanted to post this picture that I love and put our family's names
on here in case my boys want to look up any of their family history some day.
Maybe one day I'll finish the post that has been sittinig in my drafts for
almost two years that has all of the names and info that I have on our ancestry.

I just want my boys to know something about where they come from.
Who they come from.

P.S. Check out Gentry's face.  That's a Brackin if I've ever seen one.  Ha! 


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