Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Sometimes things don't go as planned. We had planned on attending the Rattlesnake Festival last Saturday. That didn't work out due to rain. Then, we had planned on taking the boys on our annual zoo trip this past Sunday. Again, rain. Ugh!

The boys are understanding, though.  We are going to take them to the zoo this Sunday instead since the weather is looking good for the weekend.  The nearest zoo to us is in Jacksonville Florida, so we don't get to go often.  Thankfully, I have several friends that live in Jacksonville that give me a heads up about the weather before we go so we don't waste our time making the trip.

Anyway, we've just been keeping low profiles the past couple of weeks/weekends.  Not much to report.  I do have some pictures Mrs. Diane sent me of the boys.  They are on separate playgrounds at the daycare, but not even a fence can keep my boys apart.

Mrs. Diane said they would race the length of the fence.  After winning every race several times in a row, she said Jubal told her, "Maybe I need to let him win once."  Good big brother. :)

Jubal had his spring school pictures made today which meant we had to get an emergency hair cut last night. It was too long to spike up in the front anymore and he wanted his hair spiked for his new pictures.  Mrs. Rachel always fits us in, though, thankfully.  She cut Gentry's, too, but I'm a little upset that I let Larson talk me into cutting it shorter than usual.  I like Gentry's hair a little longer.  It fits him (and his head shape) better.

He was definitely ready for picture taking this morning in the drop-off line.  I told him to show me how he was going to smile, and this is what I got...

We came to an agreement on the white polo shirt.  He was adamant about wearing blue, but all I had for him in any shade of blue was pullover shirts and I wanted him to wear a polo for the picture.  His daddy convinced him that white was a "power color".  Jubal just believes that it will make him strong.  Ha!  

Maybe the pictures will turn out good.  I hope so.  In every other picture he has had taken this school year, he looked a little scared.  Hopefully, he will feel fearless in his powerful white shirt. ;)


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