Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Up To Nothing

As we are anxiously awaiting spring, we've been caught inside more days than not. It's been raining a lot lately, and after the rain, it's just cold & wet outside. Ugh! There have been a few days we were able to get out, and this past weekend was great. We even got to go to the park two days in a row.

We are excited about the next two weekends approaching.  This coming weekend is the Rattlesnake Roundup, where we'll be riding in the parade like we do every year.  The boys love it.  Then the following weekend is our annual zoo trip.

Other than that, not much has been going on.  I'll just share a few pictures today.

The boys were super excited to show me that they had cleaned their playroom.
Larson sent this picture to me while I was at work to show me what a good job they did.

Talk about some good sleep.
Jubal was snoozing on my shoulder, so I had to capture his sweet little face.

Mrs. Diane still sends me pictures occasionally.
Jubal still goes to the daycare after school until we get off of work.

Mrs. Mandy will sometimes send me pics of Gentry during the day at daycare.
Here he is at lunch with a ketchup nose & milk mustache. :)

Both of my filthy little boys brought me flowers.

We finally got a day at the park.  
Gentry was napping & Jubal was going stir crazy for someone to 
play with/something to do, so we called his friend to come 
over & I took them to the park.  
Larson & Gentry called when they woke up from their nap,
so we went & picked them up, 
then went back for awhile longer so Gentry could play.
We're definitely loving the extra hour of daylight.

Since Jubal didn't get a nap, but Gentry did, Jubal was asleep by 6:30 and slept through
the night without even waking up to go to the bathroom.
He was  a tired little boy.
Play hard, sleep harder. ;)

That about sums up our last couple of days/week.  Like I said, we haven't been up to much.  Just enjoying our little life together.  Looking forward to longer days and warmer weather.


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