Thursday, March 26, 2015

Time Out

I have to document this!

Gentry got his little self put in time out at daycare today.  Ha!  It's not really funny, but if you know Gentry's heart, you will know he had to be hating life right about then.  His heart breaks from being scolded.  He hates getting in trouble, but just like every other two, almost three year old little boy (I'm assuming), he tends to get into mischief  from time to time.

Then I got this picture today, too.  This is his famous "say cheese" face.  Also, note the too short haircut I let his daddy talk me into.  I won't make that mistake again.  I like his hair a little longer on top and over his ears.  I can't make this style he has now sweep across his forehead.  He looks better with the old Bieber hair style.

I don't let Gentry's get as long over his ears, but I like the extra length on top, and the thickness over his ears better than it is now.  Thankfully, hair grows back. :)


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