Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Playing Catch Up

I have a lot of catching up to do. Spring is always busy because we spend so much time doing things outdoors. I just hate to be stuck inside behind a computer screen, and although I have an Ipad, I prefer writing in the journal on my desk top. It's where I have all my pictures at, too. So, you know?

I'm going to start with a totally random post.  I have snapped some pics on my phone that I want to share here, so I'll post them and explain them as I go.

Grainy pics, I know, but we wore blue to "Light It Up for Autism" on Thursday, April 2.  I have several friends with children that are autistic.  Also, my niece, Lynda, has a son with it as well.  We love all our people, and do what we can to show our support.

This is actually picture of a picture that I took with my phone.  This was the same day, and after we picked the boys up from school we went to our local DQ to show our support for one of the boys' cousins.  He has cancer and they were having a fundraiser.  The Easter bunny was there, so we had to get a picture.

I saved the best random pic for last because, well........

I turned to see Gentry with his pull-up off and he was pooping in the yard.  Ha!  He had his little elbows propped up with his hands on his cheeks, and said, "But Mama, I can't make it to the bathroom."  Well, Son, if ya gotta go, ya gotta go.  We scooped it up just like we would if a pet had pooped in the yard.  Hilarious!

I figure I better save this one for sure, for blackmail purposes when he's older, of course. ;)


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