Thursday, April 30, 2015

Weekends 'Round Here

I should have posted this already, but time has yet again gotten away from me.

Weekend before last, the boys had to stay with my BFF, Darla, on Saturday since Larson & I both had to work.  Larson usually has them on Saturdays while I work.  My boys don't stay with "sitters".  If I can't find anyone in the family to keep them, then they won't be left.  Period.

Anyway, Darla likes to work in her yard.  That's one of her favorite things to do.  She said she walked outside with her gloves on to do some work and Jubal asked could he help.  She was so tickled because she doesn't get asked that often.  Ha!  So, she put the boys to work.  I got these pictures throughout the day.

She told me when I picked them up that Gentry was a "Hoss".
He loaded up several wagon-fulls of these bricks for her.
He, Jubal, & Olivia worked their little butts off.

They got to play in the mud, too.
Darla put them in a storage tub to get them clean before
I got there so they would be clean enough to get in the car.

I'm so thankful for my BFF, and so thankful my boys got to
spend the day with her & her family.


Later that day, we were getting ready to go to my other BFF's birthday party at the river landing.  We took our boys with us, and we all had such a good time.  Shawnya's party turned out great, and we ended up staying until almost 10:00, which is late for us.  Ha!

Me, Shawnya, Tiffany, & Carolyn

A pic of my sweet Gentry that Rebecca captured.

Jubal had a blast playing with Gentry, and the one other child that was actually there.

Poor fella was tired from dancing & playing his little heart out.


Sunday morning was very laid back for us.  We slept until we were ready to wake up.  No alarm clocks, and the boys slept late as well.  Larson got in the kitchen and cooked us some breakfast while the boys played on the iPad, and I was able to enjoy an easy Sunday morning.

And that, my friends, is how we do weekends around our house.  I love a good, lazy weekend. :)


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