Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Water Slide Fun

Larson & I decided to buy the boys a water slide. Both of their birthdays are in hot summer months (June & July), and we wanted to be able to have fun in our own backyard for their parties. We went back & forth on whether to buy or rent, but when I did some price checking, I saw about the best rent price was $175 a day. You can buy a nice one for $299 & up, so we decided to buy one instead.  I found the boys an age appropriate one, that I felt was perfect for them, and it didn't break the bank.

I wanted to save it until closer to at least Gentry's birthday in June, but it's already getting pretty hot some days here in Georgia. So, we decided to go ahead and put it up for them to have some fun. It's very easy to put up, and other than it needing to be completely dry for putting away, it's fairly easy as well.

These boys had a ball, I'm here to tell you.  They wore themselves completely out from around 12 until 3:30.  I didn't even have to suggest a nap.  They asked me to go inside with them because they were tired.  It didn't take but maybe five minutes after drying off and changing clothes for them to be asleep, either.

We sat out under our carport while the boys played and grilled some ribs and chicken, and enjoyed some company, too.  I especially like that their slide has the larger pool area at the bottom.  I can go sit in it with them, or even put me a chair in it to get some sunshine while they play and splash me. :)

I think it's a great investment.  Heck, it would have costed us $350 to rent a slide for just two days, and we only had to pay $399 for this one, tax free, and Wayfair even shipped it to us for free.  Now my boys can play on theirs any time they want to, and we get to have some water slide fun for their birthday parties.  I think it's going to be awesome. :)


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  1. This is what I love the most about children today. Even the simple joys of sliding down and running back up a water slide still appeals to them like the good old days. Forget about everything they say that kids nowadays would prefer video games instead of these things—this is enough proof of the contrary. Thanks for sharing!

    Kathrin Trujillo @ Slides A Lot


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