Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Long Summer Days

Now that summer is here, we've been outside more than ever.  These boys of mine are full of energy, and would rather be outside than inside on any given day.

The days run into each other since so much is packed into each one now that warm (hot) weather is here.

I'll just post some pics of our daily/weekly randomness.

My boys love frogs, crickets, lizards, or any other bug they can catch.
Jubal caught this frog and put it in his swimming pool for awhile
to play with before we released it later the same day.

My super heroes.
Larson found these masks at some dollar store & these
 boys couldn't have been happier.

I called Larson on my way home from the grocery store to tell him
to let the boys see the rainbow.
They were in the bath tub, but Larson got them out to see it.
A huge, beautiful double rainbow.

School days with Gentry.

This little boy can collect more dirt in 30 minutes than any boy I know.
He sweats so bad that dirt seems to just stick to him.
There's nothing like a dirty little boy.
Just goes to show he had a fun-filled time.

My BFF, Amanda, had her new baby girl, Remi Kate, and she came by for a visit.
My boys couldn't get enough of her.
I got to hold her all of maybe 10 minutes before they took over.
They both would make excellent big brothers, but this mama is DONE! Ha!

We had a small little birthday party for Addy at our house.
We put the slide up, and the kids played for almost 4 hours on it.

This is what playing on the water slide for hours does to my boys.
They were some tired little fellas.
I'm almost positive that after I snapped these pics, I followed suit.
Naps are awesome!!!

I think this about covers the past two weeks.  Maybe.  I just know that I like to keep up with the ordinary days as much as the extraordinary ones.  It's always the little things that mean so much.  I love documenting our random days.  They're important to me, too.  I don't want to miss a thing. :)


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